Dressing up the hair {DIY Feather Comb}

I wanted a little something to dress up my hair for the wedding last weekend.  I’ve been growing my hair out for 3 years now to donate to Locks of Love and it’s starting to get to a point now where it’s so long it’s hard to do anything with it.  It’s too long to do some of the cuter styles I used to do to it.  Anymore, I just put it up to get it off my face and leave it for the day. That wasn’t going to work for the wedding so I decided to make a cute hair comb to dress up the up-do I had my stylist do.

The picture above was NOT the hair I wore to the wedding.  Chelsea, at Salon La Petite did a fabulous up-do for me.  Unfortunately,  I didn’t get a picture of it to share!  I was bummed about it.  It looked so great!


Hair Comb

Large Button


Lace, Ribbon, or Fabric of your choice

Hot Glue Gun w/ extra glue sticks

I took a small piece of bias tape and glued it to the top of the comb to act as a base for everything else.

I then added another piece of lace, that will show in the final design. I also added a few feathers on top of each other.  Try to glue them all in the same spot so the button will cover the ends completely.

I added another layer of lace to the back of the button then glued the button to the feathers being sure to cover up all the end pieces of the feathers.

And that’s it!

This could be easily adapted to using just a bobby pin.  Use a piece of felt cut to the shape of the button, attach a few feathers and/or lace to the back of the button, glue everything to the felt and attach to the bobby pin but cutting 2 parallel slits into the felt.

Here is another comb I made at the same time. I used leftover sweater material from my Anthro sweater Refashion and fashioned them into rosettes using hot glue to hold everything together.  You can find tutorials all over the web for the rosettes, I then attached the rosettes to the bias tape I used over the top of the comb.  Viola!

How great are these to make as Christmas gifts this year?  You can make several of them at a time.  Several combs come together in the package, I picked a package up at Dollar Tree.  This is also a great project to use up the odds and ends you might have in your fabric/craft stash.

Happy Crafting!



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