The Look for Less {Anthro Whirl & Wind Cardigan}

I first laid eyes on Anthro’s Whirl & Wind Cardigan in last September’s catalog.  I thought it was super fun and loved the color but the price just wasn’t working with my wallet at the time~ and let’s face it. Nothings changed…

I haven’t forgotten about that cardigan a year later and it’s now discontinued. boo


Fast forward a year later and I found this mustard colored cardigan set during the Yard Crawl

It was 2 sizes too big which was perfect for what I had planned.  The sleeveless shell even had a few holes but that wasn’t a big deal since I would be cutting around it anyway.

I used another sweater I had refashioned as my guide for taking in my mustard sweater. I laid it on top and pinned around it; then sewed.

I then cut my shell into 1 1/2″ strips

Pinned and sew in place

*You don’t need a manaquinn bust to do this refashion.  Yes, it does come in handy, but it isn’t necessary.  It may take a little longer but the end result will be So. Worth. It.

My version:

I think it is my new favorite sweater. I want to wear it with everything! I keep putting together all kinds of different outfits so that I can wear this sweater more! I think I might even sleep in it tonight. Just kidding. Maybe.

Have a great day!


12 thoughts on “The Look for Less {Anthro Whirl & Wind Cardigan}

    1. I did it! My flower isn’t quite as pretty as yours and I’m thinking the dull white color of mine needs to go. Perhaps turquoise! Thanks for the inspiration!

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