Fall Mantel

I thought I’d share the rest of my fall decorations for inside the house. I’m still working on the front entrance; just gotta pick up a few more things to complete it.

Remember when I shared a few in-store tablescapes from my trip out of town?  I got inspired and decided to get a jump on fall even though we were still in 80 degree weather at the time!

I used to go all out for holidays. I used to do big displays for every holiday. I don’t have the time anymore, and I prefer to do simple vignettes using more natural materials now. They are simple but can make a big impact.  In fact, I think I only used less than 1/2 of all the decorations I had in the rubbermaid bin. I pretty much looked to nature to decorate for this fall season.

For the fireplace mantel I decided to use a few of my white pumpkins nestled inside random glass vases at different heights. I filled the vases with lentils and then tucked the pumpkins inside. I also used a few random textured balls, a few old books, and a found deer antler to bring it all together. It’s simple but lovely.  The best part, is that it will last until it’s time to bring the Christmas decorations out (Christmas~What?! eek!!)

Never mind the hideous gold frame around my Grandmother’s painting. One of these days I’ll tackle it.  I think if I just toned down the in-your-face gold gaudiness it might not be so bad:)

I painted the mantel in April when we were doing our mini renovation.  When we first moved into our house it looked like this

I painted it in faux burl wood and I liked the way it turned out until our custom made gun cabinet and bookcase were installed (thanks Dad!).  The colors just weren’t jive’n for me so I painted it like everything else I don’t like!

We also said ba-bye to the sponge painted accent wall.

This room still isn’t ready for a full room tour; one day~soon!

I also did a little something to the fireplace in our living room that also acts as our tv stand. This was even simpler. 2 tall vases full of more white pumpkins and I added some twine to add a little interesting texture.

I also added a shallow wooden platter full of fall potpouri.

And a LARGE grapevine cornucopia on the dining table with a fix of real and faux pumpkins, dried gourds, a deer antler, pheasant  feathers, and a leave garland.

Here are a few other shots of some of the simple displays I have around the house.

So, has anyone else gotten into the fall season? Have you done any decorating?  Do share!!



4 thoughts on “Fall Mantel

  1. I am doing simpler this year- I am like you I don’t have the time or really the inclination anymore. I love your pumpkins in the jar and the antlers. I think white pumpkins are so much more elegant-I use them at Thanksgiving too.

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