27 Pumpkins

That’s how many pumpkins I got from one misplaced seed that sprouted this spring.  In getting into the spirit of the season, I filled an old muffin tin with a mix of pumpkins and fall potpourri

That same day, I cut a ton of the limelight hydrangea blooms off the bush and put them around the house to dry

In other news, I FINALLY finished the succulent garden.  It only took all summer to collect the tin cans!  All I did was buy a few different types of succulents and then divided them into the number of slots of my Pepsi crate and planted them in tin cans.

The DIY Show Off

4 thoughts on “27 Pumpkins

  1. where do you get all these ideas or time to work on them? lol. i am so super dis0rganized and forgetful, i just have time to live through you, just kidding. but love what you do 🙂

    1. Sometimes I don’t know how I make time for everything! Some days I do a lot and other days nothing. With a two year old I never know what the day will bring! Plus I work full time so normal chores have to be done too. It’s hard some days for sure!

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