Before and After {A new coffee table}

If you are new to the blog, welcome!  you might not know about the old wire spool I picked up at the yard crawl this summer.

I really didn’t do much to turn this spool into a coffee table because it was awesome as is. I sanded the rough edges down, rubbed some oil into it and attached caster wheels to the bottom.


11 thoughts on “Before and After {A new coffee table}

  1. wow. i LOVE this!
    i would love for you to link this post up to flashback fridays going on now over at love notes.
    go check it out!
    {love} lauryn @

  2. hey erin ! I’m sorry but I don’t know what grit I used . it was whatever I had lying around . Lol…I do know it was a courser grain. there were some snags I wanted to make sure I got out .hope this helps !!

  3. Love it! Just found this on Pinterest. Found a spool in a dumpster cage yesterday, in an industrial part of town. I thought about adding casters too. Thanks for sharing, your Spool Table looks awesome. -K

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