Before and After {barstools}

After a showed you all the kitchen island makeover, a reader, Jenn,  gave me the link to a bar stool similar to these

Home Decorators Anthro Arhaus World Market

She read my mind! The World Market stools weren’t even completely out of budget but these jewels literally jumped out at me one day

You know the kind. Typical bar stools you can buy from any any big box store. I decided to buy the pair for $5 and decided to just give them a mini makeover until something else comes along.

Cosmetically, they were in rough shape. There were paint splatters on the top, stains on the legs, and the orange-y oak stain wasn’t working for me either. But they were solid wold and solid.  So my trusty sander and I got to work. I sanded everything down to remove the finish on top and most of the finish on the legs.

I aged the tops a little more by beating them with a hammer, staining them brown, and finally adding a layer of brown wax to finish them off.

For the legs I sprayed a few coats of gray spray paint for a nice even finish, then went over that with a black, hammered finish spray paint.

To give it more depth and to look more like the industrial finish of the inspiration’s I used a few other techniques. I finally added two coats of a wipe on poly to seal everything in.

To add to the industrial look, I added these metal chair slides.

I think I’ll keep them for now. At least until I find “the ones” during my travels.


8 thoughts on “Before and After {barstools}

  1. can you give specific products used and “how to” stain and “add a layer of brown wax” for the seat tops? I’ve never done any of this kind of work and need some specifics! thanks so much!

    1. Laura. I used minwax brand stain. You can apply it with a brush or a rag. I used a rag for the stools. Wipe or brush it on and wipe it off always going with the grain of the wood. The longer you leave the stain on the darker it will be. It’s all personal choice. I used briwax for the stools. It’s good for small projects like this but I wouldn’t use it for a big piece offurniture apply with a rag or brush rubbing with the grain make sure you get it in the distressed places. It will take a little while to dry. But will dry hard. No need for a polymers over top. It gives it a nice finish and adds more depth and a vintage look. Hope this helps!

  2. totally awesome.

    i wish i was this savvy when we started furnishing our house. i grew up in an era where we did not re-purpose but trashed it and bought new. my husband still has that mentality but i am trying to show him how much money we can save. 🙂

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