Before and After {kitchen pendant light}

This is the light I used to have in my kitchen. It looked great when that area looked like this

Not so much anymore.

My style has been moving towards a more industrial chic meets rustic and I’ve really been drawn to these cage style lights but can’t justify or afford the price tag that goes along with it.

Do you remember this wire bell I got at the start of yard sale season this year? Or maybe it’s a birdcage? I can’t really tell.  Either way, it was just $1.

*disclaimer* I’m not down with the country decor of the ’80s. I apologize in advance if this offends any of you reading this blog.

Now that that’s out in the open let’s get this makeover started!

I cut off the top part and the heart shaped stick inside the bell/birdcage. I also had a pendant light kit from Lowe’s.

And this is what I came up with

I do need to get an Edison Light in the cage; it’s on my list for my next Lowe’s run.

This little bell/birdcage works perfectly.  It has a little door you can slide up and it’s the perfect size to be able to reach in and change the light bulb.  And I don’t mind that little heart accent on the door; my maiden name is Hart so it is a little special touch I do like.  Plus, it also matches another little heart detail from our remodel

This is the detail of our sliding door leading into our bathroom/mudroom.  More on that in the future!

So back to the Pendant Light. Here is picture overload

And here it is in relation to the the island

It gives off so much more natural light then the other light did.  No more yellow/orange haze!

And I just have to show you guys a blooper picture.  This is what I deal with on a constant basis.  Gunner has to be in every shot!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! I know I will and I’ll have the pictures to share later next week!



15 thoughts on “Before and After {kitchen pendant light}

  1. oh sarah, i think is looking wonderful. my living room and hallways are some of that green you used to have and i find it so relaxing i do not think i will ever change it but the rustic-industrial look i think i will have to try and thanks for sharing that kit. i need one yesterday.

  2. WOW!!! That looks so good and unique. I love it!!! It goes great in you
    kitchen too. You have great creatitity. I never would have thought of

  3. I’m over from FJI and I LOVE your light! We currently own two houses… one our home and the other.. well lets just say its a fixer upper “retirement” project. Our current home has a cottage feel due to lower than normal ceilings and the project its a 1840’s farmhouse with original floors and 12′ ceilings. Yes this lovely will fit both places to a T.. Thank you for sharing this!!

  4. I had to laugh as my husband looked at your light and the first thing he said was “That’s really cool.. now all it needs is and Edison light.” Just before I showed him your comment about it being on your list for Lowe’s. I love the look!!

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