The easiest curtains I have ever made

The title says it all. I have never made an easier curtain, and I have made a few! I wanted something light and airy but still have a natural, rustic chic look to it. Something that would still let light in but would diffuse the inside view from the outside. I looked at several different types of window tint at first but nothing could obstruct the view from the outside so it was back to curtains. I decided to try burlap. I ended up finding a roll of burlap- the kind you can find in the gardening section of your local hardware store, at a yard sale for $1. Score.

You also saw my deal-of-a curtain rod I picked up on a recent treasure hunt.

All that was left to get were two packages of cheese cloth and two packages of ring clips, which were by far the most expensive item I had to buy for this project.

I was lucky because my burlap was the right width and the cheese cloth was just a little narrower so it fit perfectly under the burlap panel. I basically just cut the cheese cloth and burlap to my desired length and clipped the two together using the ring clips. The burlap will fray over time but that only adds to the character of the curtains.

I did learn a tip from a friend after this was done I thought I’d pass along. To cut your burlap straight, you first snip one horizontal thread and pull it out. Then use the space it left behind as your guide. Easy peasy.

I love the natural “grain” of the burlap working with all the other natural elements in the kitchen and with the various shades of gray going on as well.

Oh and that pendant light over the island? Yeah, that’s already gone.

Outta here. Finished. Catcha later!

Can you tell I’m excited? Wait until you see the replacement…


Have a lovely day!


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