Change of plans…


My plan last night after the regular evening routine was to finish taking pictures of my yard crawl finds to share with you today. But sometimes your plans change. Sometimes for the worse, but other times for the better. Last night was one of those nights.

While I was getting my 30 day shred on, my guys decided to walk up to the field behind our house. I was 5 min away from finishing when they burst into the house telling me of the bear they saw. So I grabbed my camera and we got in the car to try to find the bear again.

We didn’t see the bear again but we did manage to see lots of dear, turkey, and rabbits. By the time we got home, the light was starting to fade so I didn’t get my pictures. So I thought I’d share a few pictures from last night instead.

It was a good day…









Tomorrow I’ll share my goodies from the yard crawl. Promise.

Have a great day!


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