Adventures in Yard Saleing {Yard Crawl Edition Pt. 1}

All in all it was a fun day at this years crawl.  I managed to bring home some treasures to add to the never ending to-do list:)

We started the day at 6:15 and got home around 2pm.  Unfortunately, a huge storm that involved sideways rain and hail forced us to come home before we were ready but we took it in stride.

My plan was to take lots of pictures during the day to share with you all but I think all the excitement of the day must have gotten to me because I only snapped a handful.  I saw some really cool stuff that day and I can’t believe I didn’t capture it.

Tomorrow I’ll share what I bought, I still have to take a few pictures, some of the bigger items got wet and I wanted to wait until they were dry before I snapped their picture.

This sink was pretty cool.  It was made up of yellow stones.  It could be a pretty cool if the decor was done right.

This is the back of the truck.  One of us had to ride back there and I’m sure it wasn’t a comfortable ride.

This is the mountain of cloths that piled up in the back.

Did anyone else make it to the crawl?  Or get to any good yard sales this past weekend?

Have a great day!


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