Prepping for Tomorrow


So, tomorrow’s the big day.  It’s the Yard Crawl.  A girlfriend of mine and I have been doing the crawl now for a few years and it is always the highlight of the yard sale season.  There are literally yard sales for miles.  We don’t always come home with the most deals; sometimes those are found during our regular trips but it is always so much fun.  We feel like the guys from American Pickers.  We sift through all the junk to find that one (or 5 or 6) treasure we just can’t live without.

What’s on my list this year you maybe wondering (or not.)? Well the sort version is this~

  1. An area rug for my living room.  I’m thinking about trying a DIY similar to this Anthro rug
  2. Letter plaques for an alphabet wall I’ve been working on for the playroom similar to this
  3. 4 Dining Room Chairs.  My dining room table is so big, I could use 4 more for when we have company. I’m thinking about finding 4 with an oval back to coordinate with the set; I don’t want them to try match. I’ll never find 4 identical to what I already have, and I don’t want it to look like I tried making them match because it will never work.  You can see my existing chairs here. I’m thinking 4 new chairs in a shape similar to this minus the upholstered seat.
  4. A small area rug for the kitchen
  5. Lamp shades for a set of lamp makeovers
  6. A pair of vintage boots. I looked last year for a pair of vintage Frye boots with no luck. I’m hoping that will change this year

Who knows what I’ll end up with this weekend but I’ll be sure to take some pictures of our adventure and share with all of you next week!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


PS~ don’t forget about the giveaway that was announced on Monday!

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