The Pinterest Challenge

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Have you heard about the Pinterest Challenge going on with Sherry and John, Katie, Emily, and Lana?

I was so excited because it was like they really read my mind.  I know, you’re thinking “really Sarah?” But just go with it, k?

You see, I was planning on re-creating this fabulous sign I found on Pinterest for the hub’s birthday this past weekend~

Katie via

And then the Challenge went up!  See the connection…no?…

So, I checked the house for all the stashed stuff I had to create this sign.  I found a rectangular piece of plywood in the attic and a can of hunter green spray paint in my paint cabinet.  I did have to go to my local True Value for the letters in the two different sizes.

I couldn’t make the letters work just like the inspiration sign so I channeled my inner Tim Gunn and “made it work”

I hung the finished sign on the fence overlooking the river at our property so we never forget that we are living the life!

I love Pinterest and it’s never ending inspiration.  If you are new to Pinterest, you can find out more about it here.  Thanks girls for the challenge!

I hope you have a fabulous and inspiring day!


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