Before/After {The Guest Bedroom}

so i mentioned on Friday that we were expecting company this past weekend and the bedroom they were going to be staying in looked like this~

This is the bedroom that no one ever sees…until now…

the one where the door is ALWAYS shut…

the one where we tend to DUMP…

the plan was to freshen up the room using only things i had around the house.  i sort of started to collect flower still life paintings.  some i’ve bought at the dollar store just to fill the walls when we first bought our house, while others were painted by my Grandma. i’ve always wanted to do a big collage wall of them but wasn’t sure i could live with it and look at it every day.  i thought this room might be a good place to try it since it’s not a room we visit everyday.

this is the after~

the quilters hoops were taken out of little man’s room.  i’m trying to transition his room to a big boy room so these were definitely going to have to go.  nothing say’s “i’m a big boy now” like grandma’s quilters hoops!

and have i mentioned how much i miss my lens to my DSLR? I have? oh sorry…well i miss my lens! these pictures are just terrible…

ok. back on track. here’s more of the room~

This is the display of odds and ends on a cabinet

and that’s it!  one of these day’s i’d like to paint the room and do a few other things like replace the little light fixture. but it will just have to get added to the long list of other things that need to get done.

has anyone else tackled a before and after using only things you had on hand?  please share, i’d love to see!


8 thoughts on “Before/After {The Guest Bedroom}

  1. ok…so I kept reading. lol. you are a gal after my own heart! I love flower still’s and your collection is quite nice already. One thing…your little feathery lampshade seems so at odds with your fab style and I was wondering if it was going to get a makeover soon too?

    1. Ha! I hadn’t thought about the lamp! It’s been sitting in the basement for a while before I brought it up. Maybe a new coat of paint and a shade makeover us in order!

  2. Great Job! Looks perfect to me! And, the fact that you just used things from around the house is impressive.

  3. I love that green dresser! The room looks great! I’ve finally banished all “dumping rooms” from my house and now its only dumping closets. Someday, I will conquer them all!

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