Adventures in Yard Saleing

good morning!

i hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and tried to make the most of the heat and humidity!

i think i’m going to take a small hiatus from yard sales for a few weeks in preparation for the Route 11 Yard Crawl.  if you are in the Shenandoah Valley you should really check it out.  you can typically find just about anything you are looking for. word to the wise~this is yard sales to the EXTREME! this day is not for the faint at heart. if you are up for it i hope to see you there!

i still have a few projects i need to start working on that include~

so in order to make room for the new projects that are inevitable after the yard crawl i’ll need to take a break and save my money for the new treasures!

i leave you today with a picture of my hydrangeas beacuse what’a blog post with out some kind of eye candy?!


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Yard Saleing

  1. Gorgeous photo…I am really enjoying your blog. You and my Sarah have a knack for blogging. Bryony is the crafty one of us…she did not get that from her Mama.

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