Beating the Heat {yogurt popcicles}

i know most of the country has been in this heat wave for a while now.  we just got that heat wave here in Virginia this week.  we are lucky. we are suffering this week but we’ve been lucky so far this year.

i wanted to share a quick way you can beat the heat this weekend.  it’s also a great project for older kids to help with!

my son LOVES ice cream {i wonder where he gets it from:)}  and he loves popcicles.  But i don’t like the extra sugar, preservatives, and food dyes that can be found in some store bought popcicles.  so i make my own.  you can use several variations to this method but on this particular day i used yogurt, OJ, and fruit i happended to have on hand. that’s it!  my son literally cried the other week because he saw the popcicle mold in the cabinet and it was empty!

now he is a happy boy!



ps~ on a side note, we have company staying with us this weekend and this was the room i had to get ready this week~

i’m not sure there are words to discribe this dumping ground. but i managed to make it look half way decent using only things i already had. i’ll share more next week…cruel..i know. 

have a great weekend!



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