my plan to grow mini pumpkins up the side of my shed is coming along…

i forgot i also planted a variety of gourds until this little guy started growing

i also saw this beauty hiding among the leaves

did i mention i had a mystery bush that started growing? i knew it wasn’t a weed when it started sprouting, but i also knew i didn’t plant it.  i figured it would tell me sooner or later what it was.

well i’m happy to see they are mini white pumpkins!!!  i love these little guys!  i can’t wait to decorate for fall with them.

one of my dreams is to grow all kinds of pumpkins and have all our family and friends  over for a huge pumpkin carving party.  i might have to try that next year…

I also finished staining the new fence we put in to conceal our AC units and trashcans.  you can also see to the left a wild cucumber plant that has about a million flowers but no cucumbers yet!

has anyone else had a random plant come up in their garden this season?  has it told you what it is yet?

Have a wonderful day!



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