Adventures in Yard Saleing Part 2

Saturday was just ridiculous in the finds department!  we actually had to stop by the house to drop off a load so we had enough room in the car for more! crazy.  here is what the car looked like when we got back home~

and my pile~

a new stroller with all-terrain wheels to replace my other 2 strollers, several articles of clothing including a pair of Mark Jacobs pants, DKNY shorts, a crochet blanket, a small handmade quilt, several boys articles of clothing for this winter, tablecloth for an upcoming project, foam mat for camping, and a toddler bed that will actually act as a dog bed.  i feel like i’m missing something but you get the point…

new bar stools for the kitchen island.  now, it’s not my ideal bar stool. but for $5 for the set i’ll make do until the perfect ones come along…

brand new curtain rods so i now have no excuse not to get new curtains up in the kitchen!

my son with went me and he was such a trooper. he got out at each stop and even managed to score some ‘treasures’ for himself.  he told me that morning that yard sales are his favorite!  i guess i’m doing something right!

everything has been washed and for the most part is ready to go. we’ll use the bar stools as-is until i get a chance to make them over.  does anyone have any suggestions??  i’m leaning towards something but i would love to here your thoughts!

have a fantastic day!



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