Adventures in Yard Saleing Part 1

i was starting to go through withdraws because i hadn’t been to a yard sale in probably a month, maybe even longer.  we’ve been busy around the house lately.  and i really wanted to concentrate on getting our yard back in respectable shape this year before it gets to hot to be outside so that’s been priorty around here.  well, i was able to squeeze in a few hours over the weekend to catch a few yard sales and boy oh boy did it feel great!  i really hit the jackpot this weekend.  it’s too much to even share in one post so this will be a two-part post today!

let’s start with Friday.  yes! i was able to get to a few yard sales on Friday.  Here is the loot~

I picked up several frames in different sizes and shapes for a collage wall i’m currently working on, a grapevine ball, basket, pink canister i’ll paint and use as a daily food scrap bin for items destined to the compost bin at the end of the day, a white painted larger frame, a spring blazer, shirt, a bird cage, and a ceramic peacock.

I also got this picture frame that i’m really hopping will fit an oil painting i already have in the den.

i have big plans for the bird cage. hopefully i can get to it soon!

i’ve already cleaned up the peacock and it has a new home~

this guy looks like he was originally painted with traditional peacock colors and the eyes of the feathers were decorated with little gems.  someone painted over him with white paint but what i like most is that some of the original color has started to chip through.

ps~ did anyone else notice the bell?  i’m hoping this will be it’s final foster home.  now that the kitchen island is finished it should get it’s final home soon!

Stay tuned for Part 2!


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