Sadly, my Cannon Zoom Lens didn’t make it through the tragedy that struck today.  I learned a valuable lesson~never leave my camera unattended on hubby’s Jeep.  It won’t enjoy that ride down the highway!  if anything this should be a post for the quality of Cannon products.  My favorite lens that i use for most of my blog pictures as well as 90% of my personal pictures is unrepairable but the body made it through with a few minor scraps and a few dings.  if it were a piece of furniture i would say it only adds character; but i’m having a hard time saying that about my favorite tool!

i’m going to apologize now for the crummy quality of photos that maybe showing up on here for a while until i can save my pennies for a new lens.  i knew it was time to upgrade but i didn’t want to have to do it this way!  Luckily, i had already taken my pictures for Monday’s Adventures in Yard-saling post so all is well i guess. The body is still in good shape and nothing else was damaged.  it could’ve been worse.

i hope everyone else is having a great weekend! mine is great so far so i refuse to let this get me down!

See you Monday…



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