A refashion {a dress}

i loved the fabric on this dress. but those long sleeves just had to go.  i attempted to refashion this dress this past winter and it was a big. fat. FAIL. I wanted to keep the sleeves since it was winter but wanted to update it a little.  i used some elastic to try to gather the sides up but it was more annoying then anything. i thought it might look better without the sleeves so that’s where i headed with this one.

i used seam rippers to remove the sleeves at the seams and then repined in place.

took it to the sewing machine…

i paired the dress with a chunky belt, some accessories, my comfy pink flats, and some white tights…

wait. what the??!!!!  i don’t wear tights!!!  do you see those pale chicken legs?! wow! i knew i needed some sun, but this is ridiculous!! i had to do a double take when i was editing these pictures, that is just embarrassing!

HA! i hope your enjoy your Monday!!


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