Garden Happenings

good morning!! i wanted to share a few pictures of my garden i snapped the other evening before everything changes and these pictures are obsolete.  i started my garden a little late this year so it’s a slow start but a few things are just about ready to pick.

i’ve never really tried bell peppers before. i’ve planted green, red, yellow, and purple (yes purple!) bell peppers in these barrels.

these are the squash or cucumber plants we planted from seeds, i can’t remember which we planted so it will be a surprise! we planted them at the base of our up-cycled garden trellis

the cabbage plants look beautiful but still no cabbages. i know i planted these way too late so i’m not expecting much from them…

i picked up a cumber plant that was called “bush pickle”. if all those little flowers turn into cucumbers, i’ll get several jars of pickles.

my herb garden is doing great. the cilantro is getting ready to re-seed; not sure if it will work, i’ll just have to wait and see. i’ve been snipping away at the rosemary, thyme, and basil for all sorts of different dishes and wish i had planted more.  does anyone have any good uses for mint?  i’ve used the leaves in a few drinks and i was going to make some mint extract but what else can i do with it?

this is the little area i have on the side of our shed. i’ve got a few tomato plants, onions, strawberry plants that i just got from my mother-in-law, and pumpkins. a few years ago i was flipping through a magazine, i think it was “Southern Living” but it was so long ago that i could be wrong, and a gardener was training mini pumpkins to grow up the side of her potting shed and they had started growing and producing pumpkins on top of the roof! that image has stuck with me all this time and this year i’m taking a stab at it.  not sure how i’ll do but i’ll keep ya posted! see my trellises?

they were two window grates i picked up at the REstore for $2 each! i was going to use them in a different project that didn’t turn out and it’s just as well because they are perfect in the garden.

onion blossoms

does anyone know what these flowers/bush are called? i call them a hibiscus bush but i don’t know if i’m even close!

yesterday i planted 32 plants in my front beds. it’s the first time the front of my house has ever been ‘landscaped’. it turned out pretty good.  fingers crossed everything makes it, i really didn’t want to do this project until the fall but i was motivated now and sometimes you just have to go with it!

today i’m tackling the paint cans hoping i get as much done as i did yesterday.

Happy Tuesday!!



2 thoughts on “Garden Happenings

  1. Sarah,

    The bush with the beautiful flower is called “Rose of Sharon”, pretty sure, at least that’s what I’ve always been told 🙂 LOve your garden it is great, and I am sure it will be amazing in a few weeks!


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