DIY {baby gifts}

I recently went to a baby shower and brought a few handmade gifts along with me.

Oatmeal lavender bath soak.

I started with some quick oats and dried lavender from my garden.

I blended it up so it was super fine and added a little bit of baking soda.

I put it in a pretty glass jar I had picked up along my travels.

This soak is good for little ones with diaper rash, poison, exema, and other things that itch.

Diaper pail booster

Sprinkle inside of trash can with each changing ti keep room smelling fresh.

Start with a pretty jar, i choose a glass salt shaker; and add baking soda

Add your choice of essential oil to the jar of baking soda

I covered mine in plastic wrap before i screwed the lid on to prevent spills

I also put this in a pretty jar too and decorated the lid with ribbon and raffia.




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