Cleaning out the fridge {making french toast}

i had been planning on cooking french toast for dinner for a few days. life happens, and those dinner plans kept getting pushed back. by the time i was able to cook my french bread loaf i had originally planned on using had dried out to the point of no return.  i didn’t have anything else ready to cook. while i was standing in front of the open fridge waiting for something to jump out a say “cook me!” i noticed i had a few hot dogs buns and a sandwich roll just hanging out.  i also had a carton of heaving whipping cream that needed to be used.  this was a perfect way to get rid of those few odds and ends i had in the fridge.

*disclaimer~i don’t measure when i cook; i’m not a good baker for this very reason. i just add ingredients until it looks good to me.  if you are looking for a true recipe, this isn’t it.

ok~ now that that’s been taken care of, off to dinner!

i started with 3 eggs in a bowl, and added some whipping cream

Next, i added some cinnamon and sugar and mixed that all up:

i let the buns soak in the mix for a little while turning them several times to make sure the bread soaked up the mix.  the buns were a little hard; perfect for french toast, not so much for hot dogs.

i spread the pieces out on my griddle, set on medium/low, and pressed them down with my spatula to get them cooked evenly.

they looked more like pancakes and tasted great.  best of all, i was able to use up what i had in the fridge and avoided the waste!




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