Good morning!

i just wanted to share a few photos i took yesterday.  my peonies finally bloomed and i decided to enjoy them indoors this year. remember this post from a few days ago?  while outside i picked a few other flowers and leaves to make a few more arrangements .

I put a few of the flowers and leaves in my vintage Pepsi crate that is currently home to a few house plant stems that i’m trying to root:

I love the delicateness of the rose against the wood and metal:

I stuck a few in a vase by my kitchen sink to enjoy

**on a side note. did you see the bell in the background of one of these pictures? yeah. this one~

I think we may have to start playing a game of where’s waldo the bell because i have a feeling he may be popping up in pictures from time to time until he’s finds his place in the world.  he sits on my table as a little reminder not to forget about him.

10 points to those that spotted the bell in the beginning…redeemable for nothing except bragging rights…

have a fabulous day!!


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