Apron Refashion

I love Anthropologie. I love everything about it.  i love the clothes, the furniture, the accessories and the displays! that store never disappoints in their displays.  i get so inspired just walking in to one of their stores.  it makes me miss my merchandising days…

the whole idea that everything they sell has been curated over a long period of time, and everything just works together is what i love and what i try to achieve in my style. Unfortunately, i can’t afford much from there.  so i have to get creative; one way is to use the inspiration i get from them in my refashions.

here is an apron from anthro. sorry-no link.  it’s discontinued on their website.

i went to a local Salvation Army and found these two pieces:

I think each piece might have been $3 a pop

not exact- but pretty darn close. the skirt already came with a belt which i was able to attach to the shirt to tie behind my neck.  i separated the front from the back of the shirt and skirt, cut straight across the top front of the shirt,  used a seam ripper to detach the bottom piece from the skirt and re-attached it to the waist, pinned it all in place, and sewed it up. this is how it turned out:

here’s a better shot so you don’t have to scroll up and down to get the affect:

not bad, huh? i know it’s not perfect and it never could be, but i’m pretty happy with it!

6 thoughts on “Apron Refashion

  1. What a great idea! My apron is looking rather sad and I have the cutest skirt which I no longer wear (my husband doesn’t like it but I know he will LOVE it as an apron!)

  2. I LOVE this idea…I can’t wait to go to Goodwill! I was planning to make an apron for a Christmas gift and this is sooo easy! Thank you for your awesome ideas! I have enjoyed looking at your site -Denie West, Flagstaff, AZ

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