Adventures in Yardsale-ing

i didn’t make it to any yard sales this weekend.  but a neighbor is moving and clearing out the house last week; i was able to snag a few things- for FREE!


i picked up this wing back chair. my current chair is on it’s last legs~literally! it was a yard sale find for $5 last year so i think i got my money’s worth!  the new one obviously needs a new upholstery job. i’ll start tackling this after i find the perfect fabric.  i’ll also paint the wood frame. i’ve never done anything more than simple upholstery so this should get interesting…

and those storage boxes beside the chair? i’m not sure what their original use was, but i’ve already cleaned them up and they will be sitting on my top shelf in my closet to hold purses.

this bookcase will act as a shoe organizer in the newly remodeled mudroom/bathroom.  a before & after on that is coming, i just have to put a few finishing touches on it before the ‘big reveal’. this hasn’t been styled yet, but you get the idea:

the jury is still out on this little outdoor seating set. but i did sit in one of the chairs last night enjoying a glass of wine and some watermelon and it sat really well.

so that’s it for me.  did anyone else find any bargains this weekend?  comment below, i’d love to hear about them!

Happy Monday!



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