The Look for Less {using what you already have}

I love having plants of any kind easy to care for plants in the house. They add so much life and color to a home.

The other night I took notice of the Giant Hosta plant in my back yard, {and yes~i believe that is a technical term}, the leaves are gianormous {another technical term} and I knew they would make instant impact to the living room.

{Pay no attention to the weeds}

this is what happens after being pregnant in the summer and then having a 1 year old who hates grass the next; it will be getting a face lift soon:)

I cut two of those bad boys off, filled up my trusty vase with water, and not 2 min later I had a beautiful arrangement. I put it on top of the fireplace/tv console to enjoy everyday. They will last a few weeks in the vase, as long as I change the water every couple of days; much longer than any arrangement you could buy.

I’ve done the same with the other flowers, trees, and shrubs in my yard. It only takes a few min of my time and it instantly brightens up my home; and the best part is that they are all free!

Have a wonderful day!



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