Adventures in Yard Sale-ing

This is the first post in a series i’m calling ‘adventures in yard sale-ing’ where i’ll post a few pictures of the loot i scored at the weekend yard sales.  i’ll also be sharing how i incorporate the items in my home or wardrobe.  I know yard sales, garage sales, and thrift stores aren’t for everyone; but if you like getting a good great deal, you might want to give them a try.  you have to be patient; not every sale has great stuff.  some days i come home with nothing while other days the car is packed. it just depends.

enough talk! let’s get to the goods shall we?

a box full of Christmas decorations. i know it’s a little early to be thinking about Christmas but when everything  was .25 cents it’s kind of hard to pass it up.  we ended up loading up a full box and negotiated the price to $10! there was ribbon, floral pics, 2 bags of scented pine cones (which sell for $5 a bag normally),some dried flowers, and a few ornaments to use to decorate gifts this year.

I also got 2 glass pantry jars to hold pasta, an antique rolling pin, an antique spool, a cool pair of glasses, a wire basket, and a wire bell.  i’ve got plans for everything and if all goes according to plan that wire country bell that’s decked out in hearts will get a total makeover and you won’t even recognize it when i’m done- at least that’s the plan!

See that Anthropolgie bag in the background?  i got to go this weekend and picked up a few finds there too.  More on that later…

Happy Monday!


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