{Upcycled Garden Trellis}

i’m a little behind on the garden this year.  in the past, i’ve used handmade bamboo trellises. they lasted about 3 years and just wouldn’t make it this year.

i’ve been thinking of different materials to use this year when i thought of using screen doors. i love repourpsing items.

i think there are so many things you can do with these too make them your own. i kept everything original, including the hardware but you could paint them to coordinate with your house or garden.

to make these i simply ripped the screen out, screwed in a few eye hooks i had lying around and wove twine through for my design.  i’m on the look out for a few more to complete the area. i think it turned out pretty cool! not sure how the twine will hold up- we planted squash here so it will be an experiment.

i got this one from the Habitat for Humanity REstore.  have you heard of it?  it’s one of my favorite stores! you would not believe all the great stuff you can get.  that’s a post in itself…maybe i’ll work on that…

sorry.  no ‘before’ pic.  i did this before i started the ‘ol blog so i didn’t think to take any.

Has anyone else been working in their gardens?  have you used up-cycled/repurporsed items in your garden?


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